The Christian Outreach Ministries Evangelist (COME Ministries) is an evangelistic organization that was formed in January of 1985 under the leadership of Rev. Corbin Nash. His vision is to carry the Gospel to those in need and to win people to Christ.

 The outreach began by answering the call to any open door. There was a need in the nursing homes and COME Ministries answered the call. As a result of answering the call, many other ministry opportunities were opened to COME Ministries, such as the prisons, jails, halfway homes and churches. This has resulted in thousands of souls being born again in the Kingdom of God. Since that time, COME Ministries has grown to include eight (8) outreach programs.

The outreaches under COME Ministries include; a Prison and Jail ministry, Men’s Fellowship ministry, Bible and Christian literature, “Letter of the Month”, Ladies’ Fellowship, “Operation Warm Blanket”, COME Church and Social Networks.  COME Ministries is actively involved in spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ and helping to meet needs in the community, nation and the world.